generative art

Art created through the use of autonomous systems, such as natural language rules, algorithms, genetic sequences, machines, or procedural interventions. The various implementation of these “generative” processes yields a range of results, from works that are rigidly ordered to those that rely largely on elements of chance and randomization.

My process is usually highly experimental. And while there is usually some kind of underlying goal there is not always any interest on my part in actually reaching that particular goal. I might be just as happy to discover some unexpected behaviour and explore that instead. Overall this means that the process is continuous, exploratory, and never really complete. Naturally this process has also changed quite a lot over time.


An application to create Generative Art using the concept of a "Spirograph". I used made it in HTML with JS using Canvas element to draw on it. It has options to create 2 kinds of Spiro's either a simple one or a dashed one. The slider at the bottom can be used to adjust the duration of the next Spirograph. 

The beauty of this application is that it uses a randomisation algorithm, with each spirograph being created being different from the previous one, thus each attempt creates a new piece of art.

Various patterns created using the "Spiro" application.


An Animated Generative artwork created via code using Processing.


An Animated Generative artwork created via code using Processing.


A series of Generative Art created using Code in Processing. I used the various Alphabets as well as words to create interesting patterns.

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