GoPlannr is a Digital Ecosystem for financial advisors that helps them sell, service and manage their clients better. 


To start with the App covers Insurance but will gradually expand into investments and advisory.


The target user is the “insurance agent”. By providing a platform that he can use, the intention is to help the agent:

  • Increase their productivity by closing sales faster

  • Managing a wider client/lead base

  • Get instant support

  • Access digital tools to support their sales

app design guidelines

•Highest priority is “Simplicity”, “Ease of use” and “Intuitive design”. All advisors are not too tech savvy and may  not want to go up any learning curve


• Use elements from commonly used things - like calendars, phonebook, show list of products.


• Clean spaces with as few buttons visible as possible


• Don't create too many branching paths. Every module to be reachable in 2-3 taps max


• Taps instead of entry

• Design for the dumbest user, also we will have s significant rural base for whom this is the first app they use


•Use integrations where possible rather than building on own - hubspot, pipedrive, freshsales, zoho


• Integrate with google calendar & contacts if possible 


• We plan to use hubspot integrations to power the CRM/LMS/Task management system through APIs


• These APIs will have to be incorporated into the GP app server with event handling

overall flow  

everything needed to run a shop

app workflow

elements/modules of the app

1. User Profile Management : Managing the agent registration, login, onboarding, profile, preferences, settings.

2. Sales Journey : Understanding Customer needs, showing quotes, product comparison, plan summary, and proposal form. This module exists at and will be incorporated/embedded into the current app with some additions.


3. Contacts & Lead Management : Helping the agent manage his prospects, leads and clients by using a sales pipeline & phonebook view. This is where he can also take actions to service his clients.


4. Notification, Tasks & Calendar Management : Helping the agent work through his pending tasks, log events/calls, see upcoming renewals, messages and other notifications.

5. Portfolio & Earnings Management : Storing transactions, the agent’s portfolio, his earnings, Rewards & Incentives and Analytics to help manage his back office work.

6. Help & Support : This is for instant query, FAQs, posting questions on forums and accessing our offline product & claims helpdesk.

app screens

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