i2u2 - a telepresence robot

A consumer robot 'I2U2', for personal and family use. It is a robotic chassis that converts any internet enabled smartphone or tablet into a smart, video enabled, navigable, telepresence robot.

It allows a family member to log in remotely via a smartphone app and be "present" at home via the robot. This telepresence means freedom of motion through the house and freedom to communicate via video with anyone or anything in the house e.g. Children, pets, elderly parents, spouses.

A major distinction from a pure video calling solution like skype or facetime is that the user 'dialing in' has full control of both video and mobility of the device (the robot) in the house. For all intents and purposes, the robot in the house is the alter-ego of the user dialing in, and a more natural representation of that family member in the house. The user can freely move the robot around different rooms, 'see' and be 'be seen' and have as natural a conversation as possible with other family members.

Distinctive features of the I2U2 robot based system of telepresence:
1. More natural interaction with the remote user - Unlike a video call on a smartphone, the conversation via I2U2 simulates a more human interaction where the remote user is "present" in the same room with the home user. Communication includes both video interaction as well as control over body movements (e.g. looking in specific directions, moving to different part of the room or house, etc)

2. Auto-answer - The I2U2 robot can be controlled even with no-one present in the house. Via the auto-answer feature, the remote user can take control of the robot and have full control over video and motion around the house. The application is to check in on pets, children left in the care of baby-sitters, elderly parents, or just to check if the gas has been left on accidentally.

3. Simple to use - people at home who may not be expert users of video calling apps on smartphones may still interact naturally with the I2U2 robot, remotely controlled by us. For example: Young children, elderly parents, pets

4. Home-friendly and safe to use - I2U2 comes loaded with sensors that make it intelligent enough to not bump into people/obstacles, or fall from the stairs.

More than 1 way to navigate the robot by the remote user -
a. On-screen controls in the smartphone or web app
b. Voice commands
c. Hand gestures

The I2U2 robot can be setup in less than 10 minutes & requires only internet & no other maintenance.

3d MODEL of V1 of the robot

3d MODEL of V2 of the robot





Video showing the robot moving

A video created by me to showing the Robots movement.


Animations created for the Robot's face, showing it waking up & the various emotions it expresses.

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