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Traditional password protected systems (with alphanumeric passwords, fingerprints, etc) do not

work for younger kids.


The idea was to come up with a novel and creative solution for this problem so that an innovative password setting option could be created for them.


Create some sort of authentication flow to ensure that students cannot access each other’s profiles. Show

the following flows:

• Students sets a password/ authentication system

• Student logs in using password/ authentication system

• Student is denied entry while logging into someone else’s profile

understanding the problem 

The most commonly used authentication schemes are knowledge-based where the user memorizes a

shared secret such as a password. Research has demonstrated that text-based passwords suffer

considerabily from both security and usability issues.

Moreover, Children do not necessarily have the same skills and preferences as adults, they find it

difficult to remember Text-based (Alpha- Numeric passwords),  thus a child-oriented authentication

system that better suits children’s privacy and security needs is required.

According to me Graphical Authentication mechanisms have the potential to overcome certain issues with

text-based passwords, such as password memorability and the lack of recall cues, because visual

representations are more memorable and easier to recall.

To me Graphical passwords & tablets with touchscreen seem a natural fit, as they often require direct

selection or manipulation of visual elements. In contrast, text-based passwords have to be entered on virtual

keyboards on which typing effort varies between characters, with special characters requiring upto four

touch events.

So far not many graphical password schemes are in actual use (An exception being Android’s Pattern



Since this Authentication system is being designed for the Student front of the Cuemath App, following are the

thoughts I had in mind

•  Cuemath is an app, to help children learn Maths  by testing them in areas such as School maths, mental

aptitude & creative reasoning and that too in a fun way, so I felt in the Graphical Password Authentication

system I was proposing I could use this element of FUN, GAMIFICATION, & MATHS.


The clue is the word “Children ”:

•  Make it FUN


•  Make it a SECRET  that the child & the tablet share.

•  Instead of “Registering”(boring, adult), turn it into “inventing a story!” (Play)

•  Have lots of praises for remembering the secret/password, and for entering it quickly & correctly, (e.g- “Wow

you logged in so fast, you are clever!”

•  Incorporate elements of Maths , like numbers & concepts of addition.


For Creating the Password

Choose a BUDDY (possibly a number in the form of a Character), add Colour To his dull life, Feed him with

your Favourite treat. (3 associations- Password Set)

The character is your BUDDY now, & will guide you through your process of choosing Password( & might at

later stages be there to HELP you out too in your assignments ;P)

For Entering the Password

Child goes to the password page. They have to go ("choose") their BUDDY & Feed him with the previously

chosen Treat to be able to Authenticate themselves & open their profile.

You go through a Journey.

User flow


final design

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