Auxetic structures fabricated by creating a Tesselated pattern on rubber.

The design of these helps them open and close as per need.

The idea behind them is to use them to build facades, by adding sensors in them the structures will open and close with change in the surrounding environment.

Prototyping video

Explorations of smart textiles

While learning weaving, I designed & fabricated some smart textiles.

These are created using various yarns like jute, wool, cotton and are embedded with conducting materials like copper strips, insulated wires, conductive yarns, optical fibres.

thermochromic thread

I have also been closely following Laura Devendorf’s work ever since I discovered her project Ebb online a few years ago while researching on coating fabrics with thermochromic dyes.


I tried to replicate the same and experimented with creating my own thermochromic chameleon thread (with a combination of cotton yarn and conductive thread)

Prototyping video

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