Yahavi is a platform for Artists to bridge the gap between Creating & Showcasing by Connecting with fans.

At Yahavi, performing artists, organizers and fans come together to create events exploding with talent, mutual love, dynamism and synergy.

The journey from talent and creativity to recognition and fame has never been an easy one. The artist within us must navigate a maze of activities: creating content, showcasing artworks, connecting et al until our free spirit feels trapped in systems and business protocols. The internet is our generation’s obvious and omnipresent messiah, but it’s just as easy to be lost as it is to be found or be discovered on the web. This is where we, Yahavi, pop up.

At Yahavi, we are working to create a one-stop platform, a smooth accession path that will not only help you discover the right opportunities week-in, week-out but also will help you connect directly with the right people, be they promoters, fans or audiences. The idea is to use technology as the enabler and provide you the access to all this on-the-go so that art takes the centre stage but managing it doesn’t.

With a young team that has extensive experience across technology and management and has a strong passion for arts, we have our heart in the right place and the DNA to deliver. What we are working on right now is just the beginning.

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Current website


Branding done for Yahavi

Promotional posters 

Posters & Graphics created for various promotional campaigns done for the brand across various social media platforms.

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